Sunday, March 05, 2006

Back Again

Remembered I had a blog. Wonder if you all remembered as well. I'm fighting with wolfies on the creative front -- my werewolf sequel to Walk Away is coming along slowly. These wolves are much more difficult than those in Walk Away.

Have you ever noticed how hard sequels are to write? Well, if you write them. If you read them, they can be hard to read, I suppose. I've noticed some authors have patterns to their series. The first one is a gripper, the middle one is a bit flat, and then a bang up conclusion in the third. I think mine start off a bit amusing and then the second one gets darker. Stay sure is.
Because I'm insane and I like RL to come up and smack me a lot, I told the daughter she could invite her best friend over for New Year's Eve. We still have all of our furniture in half of our house, waiting for the floors to finish drying or whatever mysterious thing they have to do for several days. (And let's not go into the saga of the floors.) It should make for an interesting holiday.

But I hope everyone has an excellent end of 05 and an even better 06. I'm hoping for a productive yet restful, prosperous but calm new year. Because, you know, you can always dream.