Monday, September 26, 2005

What Am I Doing?

For the first time in--um, a year? longer than a year?--I don't have any pressing, urgent business to accomplish this week. My work life is hectic and so is my personal life. (I think that's enough to say--everyone's life is complex and difficult, so there's no point discussing it. 'Cept mine is the most difficult, of course!) I figured I'd get to work writing.

But first I bought the DH a birthday present (his 50th--birthday, not present, I haven't had time to buy presents) and cleared up a bit from the SDJ and answered email from LI. And I wrote a paragraph. Then I went to sleep. Then I did some more clean up from the SDJ and got the youngest kiddo from the school bus stop. And wrote another paragraph.

At this rate, I should have a book sometime before I die. Why can't I write when I actually, really, truly have time to write??

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Embracing the Blog

OK. I think I've complained enough. I shall now see what my blog can do for me. Besides, apparently I really don't want to start work on my latest story. I don't understand why. I like the characters. I'm becoming fascinated by the werewolf world I'm creating. But, ya know, I'm resisting. So, to the blog.

1) Who am I? You can check my website, of course. That's I was reading other author blogs and websites this morning (I really am resisting writing today) and realized my website tells you what I want you to know but maybe not what you want to know. It's friendly, but not terribly intimate. Anyhow. I do a lot of things--the SDJ full-time, the daughter, mother and wife thing far too often, the Editor in Chief job at Loose Id a lot, and the writing...well, I talked about the writing. I compartmentalize my life because sometimes it's easier and because the people in my different lives don't particularly care what's going on in the other worlds.

2) What do I write? Mostly, whatever I feel like. That doesn't always mean good sales (though sometimes there is a wonderful joining of marketability and my interests) or necessarily good writing. OTOH, it makes me much happier when I write. Writing can be difficult enough without trying to force yourself into doing something you're not pleased to do. Of course part of being a professional writer is learning to write what you and others want to see.

Oh. The really short answer to what I write is cross-genre erotic romance, usually paranormal, and often not quite what is expected.

I think that's quite enough for now. The weres are starting to look pretty good at this point. Thanks, blog!

Saturday, September 24, 2005


So why are blogs a big deal anyhow? People read them, I get that. But do they do anything for you other than being a big time suck and having a close circle of folks reading them? Well, if you want to be witty and erudite or controversial or whatever, maybe you get more of an audience. But if I had time for that, I'd write all my witty erudite controversy into my stories.