Saturday, April 07, 2007

Wicked and Alpha Series

Wicked will be arriving in less than a month at Loose Id. It's a Gothic story about a witch and a hero with with a brooding past in a small New England town...and a sort of menage with a very interesting partner. Faithful long-time readers may recognize it from the past, but I have had requests.

It also looks like sometime -- sooner than I expected -- my Alpha series will be in print, all in one novel.

And my new werewolf story, which is morphing into a kind of historical murder mystery or at least a romantic suspense story, has finally started moving again. The problem is that I don't do mysteries (I don't think the author isn't supposed to know who did it until the end) and I'm not sure I can do historicals. But so far it's been keeping me interested. I certainly didn't expect the plot twist I just woke up with this morning. After all, what does a werewolf who has blackouts do when someone is investigating the grisly murders of several people, including the werewolf's secret gay lover?