Saturday, November 18, 2006

18000 words

I have 18,000 words on my story! Yay! I thought this was never going to come together. I knew how to start it and end it but suddenly in the middle my weres just stopped. So I had to wait. And wait until I knew what to say. I had two unexpected turns and then boom--I'm finally getting somewhere on the last in my trilogy.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Desire Island and My Buddies

I have this list I belong to. You guys aren't invited. Sorry. It's for a few of my writing and editing buddies. We bitch and we gossip and we celebrate. We post excerpts we need help with and nasty pix. Everyone needs something like that and thank heaven for the Internet since I'd never have met or kept in touch with these folks for -- dang, longer than I realized until I started to think about it.

Today I opened the email to get a long, detailed explanation of what it feels like to have a foreskin when a guy is aroused. Part of the list service. Quite an eye-opener, might I add.

Oh yeah. But my point. (No pun intended.)

Some of my buddies and I are releasing an anthology this month. I figured I better tell everyone about it before I forget I have a blog.