Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Just for Fun

I'm in the mood to post something, so I thought I'd post one of my favorite paragraphs from a recent LI ms. The title of the story is Virgin and it's due for release next month.

The sign read "Beulah, Pop. 375, 10 Miles." Oh boy. Blake sighed, taking in his clothing: cutoff shorts and a red, bare-midriff t-shirt. His beloved straw cowboy hat did little to butch up the outfit, or, for that matter, did the red cowboy boots. He was blond, tan and yes, frankly, gorgeous. The tight-fitting T-shirt displayed his cut torso in all its chiseled glory. He had worked very hard for this body, and it had made him good money, but now... Now he was alone in the middle of nowhere, with fifty bucks in his pocket, a broken-down Olds on the side of the road, and no place to go back to. And he was about to stroll into a tiny rural town looking like a one man gay pride parade. This could be bad.

What am I doing myself? As it so happens, I'm writing my next book in the Alpha series. I'm wrestling with it right now --I'm just starting to get to know the characters. But I do have a title. It's called Beg.