Saturday, July 23, 2005

Working this thing

I have long ago decided I'm a techno idiot. Well, at least a techno illiterate. I learn just as much as I need to do something and then stop. Like this blog. Links have totally defeated me. (Yes, I know someone will say but all you needed to do is X. Well, I suck at algebra, too. X is a mystery.)

But, more importantly, I'm not sure what I want to DO with this. I see the temptation to make this almost like a diary. Yuck a diary that has no lock and key. Or a marketing tool. Which would be good if I knew how to do the technical stuff...Or a mighty time waster. That sounds more like me.

Not that I have a lot of time to waste. So far this Sat. morning I've answered a ton of stuff for Loose Id, dealt with the cancellation of a birthday party and tried to explain it to my kid, and started to do a little writing on my own story. I'll probably work a bit on the SDJ and then do my least favorite thing of all these duties--work on the yard. I'm only doing that because we're hosting a party next weekend and the overgrown weed look isn't in this year.

All of this always makes me wonder if I'd be better at one thing if I just settled down to do one thing.

Friday, July 01, 2005

So. I have not one but two new books out this month. Actually new is a relative term. They were sweated over and created several years ago and I have a bad attitude about most of my books--once they're done, I'm done. I shove them out of the authorial nest and let them fly. These books were published before and swaggered out into the world to try their fortune.
But what to do when they come back? I love my stories and I hope others find them and love them, but they are distanced from me now. I think that's protection for me for when my writing goes out into the world and has to stand on its own. I can't help them any longer, so I forget about them.

Now my books are good, smart books and they were lucky enough to find new homes. Why Me? is in e-book format and print with Loose Id,, the e-book publishing company you will probably hear me talk about all too often since that's where my non-author self works a lot. Why Me?
got me my RWA pro pin several years ago. At the local RWA meeting I had to explain it was a paranormal erotic romantic suspense with some humor thrown in.
The other, my one and only contemporary erotic romance series, the Time Series, went with Liquid Silver Books, The Time Series contain the first books I ever did once I got over my twenty year bout of writer's block and I love them for that reason alone. I love them even more because three years later I took those suckers out, saw there was something that could be saved from newbie errors and I redid them and made them better.

Still, it's hard for me to promote a re-release. Now I'm so far from the book's birth that it's hard to re-create that enthusiasm. I can remember the rush, but it's just a memory. I suppose the good thing about books is that they're always there, waiting for the next chance. My past thrill can be a reader's present enthusiasm. The book waits for the next reader, even after others have moved on. Except for the promoting (ugh, the promoting) the book doesn't need me any longer. It just needs a reader to love it.

So, forgive me if all I tell you is they're good books and I worked hard on them. They deserve better, but I'm a bad mommy. Fortunately they turned out great even with me as the parent.